You’ve Got To Be Sheeting Me

You’ve got to be sheeting me. 😂

Wanna make you local quilt group bananas? Just say you are going to put a bed sheet on the back of a quilt and watch them go apeshit. Why tho? Why so dramatic? Some sheets are so soft…fresh sheet night is my favorite nite (reminds self to turn over laundry).

They are just fabric, and appealingly priced.
The reason is the thread count. An average quilting cotton is 100-200 threads per inch weave. A needle actually separates the thread as it makes a stitch. Batiks have a higher, finer count of 250 or more and are notorious for the needle punching a hole vs separating the threads.

So, magnify this issue to the average sheet thread count. Some of the softest sheets are in the 5-700 range. So, it can be done, but not’ll have wee holes. And if your wee holes are too close together, it is like perforation and will tear easily later.

If you do use them,

1️⃣a longer stitch will be better and

2️⃣a sharp, thin needle. A ball needle will sound like firecrackers as it breaks the threads, which also causes chaos with the stitch appearance and leads to batting migration through the holes.

3️⃣cut off all pre sewn seams to avoid poor tension.

4️⃣ prewash everything! Different thread count means different rates of shrinkage.

5️⃣ when someone tells you your quilt is great, say “thank you” and don’t confess unless you just enjoy arguing.


What are you doing??? Quilt tips Bethanne??

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  1. First time viewing your web page. I have long wanted to Free Motion Quilt but have always hesitated. I find myself wanting to learn and learn the right way. I have signed up for your newsletter and really like your web page. I hope I can learn from you and be able to fulfill my dream of Free Motion Quilting. Thank You. This is a new venture for me and I am a total beginner at Free Motion Quilting.

    • Hi Gloria. I offer a variety of free motion classes independently and in partnership with the major show conglomerate companies. I will be sure to email folks to let them know when things are enrolling and what level of quilting will be best for the class. My current masterclass is enrolling, but is advanced free motion. you may be better suited to a class coming soon with Mancuso quilt company. all my best, BA

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