Using The Garden Lines Rulers on Sit Down Machines

Many folks have asked, “can I use your rulers on a sit down machine”. The answer is a resounding yes. When using any ruler, the shank of a sit down machine worries folks. If there is a high loft batting, a low shank machine, combined with a ruler in the 1/4″, the height can feel a bit bulky. The Garden Lines rulers are made of compressed acrylic The industry calls this 1/4″ cast acrylic, but in actual measurement they are about 3/8″…making them perfect for both kinds of machines. Here are several customer comments about using the rulers on domestic or sit down machines, and a video by the talented Gerry Granata. The first part is more descriptive, and the sewing is about the 13 minute mark if you want to skip ahead.

Jerry Granata says: “Hi Bethanne! I had to write and tell you how marvelous your rulers are. As a domestic machine quilter it’s tough to find something usable in the ruler world. The rulers are made for longarm quilters mostly so they are too long and bulky to use on a domestic machine. If they are made for domestics, they have things sticking up from them to grasp them but get in the way of the quilt and/or hit the machine causing skips. Your rulers are compact and fit well in the hand and work extremely well on domestic machines. Plus the color is amazing. Instead of a shadow, it’s almost like a light beam shining down where I want to work. Plus the shapes are just cool and are so adaptable to any curvilinear design. Even though you may not have intended to make rulers for domestic machines, you created rulers that work wonderfully for domestics! I’m spreading the word!”

Canadian quilter Veronique Gaudet says: “All the rulers arrived just in time for me to use and finish my quilt commissions.  I use a sit down APQS George now and have had let’s say challenges with rulers, I have been collecting a few and only used 1 consistently for ditch work.  Since yours have arrived I think I have used at least one ruler on every quilt, if not more.  My dad was as excited as I was, we love when you get something and start using it right out of the box.  I much prefer your ditch ruler(and the sides on other rulers).  They also seem to stick or hold well while I move everything, I have had to purchase sticky stuff for other rulers with mediocre success.  I haven’t used my lily lines yet, but I hope to use them soon, I am trying to design my first whole cloth to enter in a local show (I am new at that)….very excited for your 2 new rulers also.”