Everyone needs Demented Squirrels

You know the phrase “you can do anything, but not everything”? Well, this year that has truly become a mantra for me. As my quilt life has gotten busier and busier, I have had to decide just how many ways can a person split themselves. Im still not amazing at it, but I do have some help now.

I have two amazing fellow squirrels who are game for most of my insane ideas, and are pretty good at pointing out the reality of some of my wilder ones. I would be remiss in not introducing them to you, as they have both been critical to me in writing my pattern, Lantern Glow.

Qurratulain Thakur…known to her besties as Qurrat or Q is my right hand “make me a sample and catch my mistakes” squirrel. Qurrat is a rising star in the sit-down show quilting community who is beginning to collect ribbons like lollipops…Im so proud! She quilts on a table mounted Bernina Q20. She is a phenomenal quilter who you would be wise to follow on Instagram, as she is going places!! Not only a gifted show quilter, but also available for making quilts from scratch for folks. See her : @qtquilts_handmadebydesign

My left hand squirrel is Kris Lescinsky…my tech squirrel. Lord how I need Kris! Everything from getting Electric Quilt 8 to behave, to making graphics, to going in the back door of my website and inventing new curse words for the yahoos who run Bluehost (they are legion). Kris has been a huge help to me this year. She is the proud new owner of an Innova longarm with full computerization and grand format embroidery. I fully expect her to be digitizing spectacular quilting designs in time warp speed. You can find her on insta too @blackcatquiltcreations.

The three of us worked really hard to bring you my new quilt pattern Lantern Glow. It is my design, execution, and quilting….but there is no way it would have gotten done without a lot of help from these talented ladies. Im sure we will be bringing you more quilt patterns soon!