Flamingo Plaque 2020

Ive long been dreaming about the lovely hoop art of the embroidery folks of the world.  (Without any interest in becoming one!). I love the circular format and begin looking for a way to interpret this idea with my quilted, yarn couching art.  The flamingo is glancing over her shoulder with a Fimo art eye.  The yarn couching was completed in an initial layer, and then cut away, similar to quilted trapunto and re-layered for final quilting.  In this way, elements of the bird are able to puff and be sculpted, while other spots are re-quilted to press them back.  The quilting is a dense blended free motion quilting that I enjoy…and if you are interested in the patterns, can be found in my book, Quilted Texture from A to Zen.

For more information and a class on how to yarn couch on your domestic or longarm sewing machine, please visit the store and pick up a copy of my DVD or take the online class.

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  1. This is a gorgeous piece! I really enjoy looking at your art. Your artisty is truly magnificent. The detail of the feathers is amazing.

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