The Shell Collector, 2013

This quilt is the second in a series of pictographic silk dupioni quilts.  It was inspired by a perfect summer day at the beach with my children, pictured in the center.  The dark points of color represent the pocket full of polished stones that always seem to make it home from these trips.  All the imagery was free drawn and free motion quilted using my own photography, primarily from various aquarium and snorkeling trips.  The feather setting motif was designed based on an actual cross section of a nautilus.  This pictured quilt is actually the reproduction of the original, painstakingly recreated after the first one was destroyed in an accident on the eve of shipping it to it’s first quilt show.  In the end I am much happier with the second one.


Best of Show, Machine Quilters Exposition West, 2013

Best of Show, Fist Place in Quilting Excellence, and First Place in Overall Craftsmanship, A Quilters Gathering, 2013

Viewer’s Choice, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, 2015

First Place, Medium Pieced, National Quilting Association Quilt Show, 2015

First Place, Traditional Wall, AQS Chattanooga, 2014

First Place, Vermont Quilt Festival, 2014

First Place, Wall Hanging, Home Machine Quilting Show, 2014

First Place, Art Quilt, Machine Quilters Showcase, 2014

First Place, Traditional Wall, Road to California, 2014

First Place, Traditional, Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, 2013

First Place, Wall-Pieced, Quilt Odyssey, 2013

Third Place, Longarm Wall, AQS Lancaster, 2014

Honorable Mention, Pieced, Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, 2015

Honorable Mention, Machine Quilted Wall, AQS Des Moines, 2014

Honorable Mention, Machine Quilted Wall, AQS Grand Rapids, 2014

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