Pacific Tide, 2018

This 23 x 24″ piece is my submission to this year’s International Quilt Festival, Houston’s celebrity auction.  It features artisan hand dye fabric, hand guided free motion machine quilting, and yarn couching with all artisan yarns in a variety of fibers ranging from wool to silk and everything in between.  It will be available for silent bidding at the show, and is only the third piece of art I have made that Ive chosen to part with to date.

2 comments on “Pacific Tide, 2018

  1. Hello Bethanne. All I can say is WoW, since I’m at a loss for all other words.
    Your Yarn Couch Artwork, each of them, are breathtaking masterpieces!!
    I have no idea how you conduct your classes nor the cost of them, but I truly would love to find out more information.
    I may just give you a reason to laugh, but I got so busy looking at your incredible work as closely as possible that I did not actually search for the information on your website. So right now I’ll go ahead & send this note, then next I’ll try to find when your next class will be offered.
    I’m thrilled to have found you be just a chance of seeing on YouTube. Lucky me.

    • Hi Lyne…and thank you! I just released a yarn couching class that can get you started on your own masterpieces. It is $49 and is available to take online or as a dvd. The online format is run with a third party (teachable)…and Im convinced it offers the best experience (read …keeps my fingers out of any IT related problems and coding!). In the future I may consider live classes via some kind of zoom or FB live…which will certainly be more expensive because of the interaction and ongoing participation over several weeks. But for now…what I have released will be a huge step in the right creative direction.

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