Golden Meadow Walk 2019

This jacket is a commission piece, requested after I completed my original Meadow Walk jacket with bluebirds.  I had agreed to do the piece, on the condition I could change the birds and flowers and make it feel similar but not the same.  After consultation, my client was moved by the idea of goldfinches, daisies and bachelor button wildflowers, all of which have significance to her.  It was while making some goldfinches as a test piece that I was inspired to create my own green goldfinch jacket (seen in a different post).

This swing coat is a pink tweed and has 5 goldfinches nested in the flowers.  The daisies feature as many as 8 subtle shades of white in the petals.  Some of the bachelor buttons have tufted centers.  All the elements are freemotion machine yarn couching.  Some parts are created like appliqué, others are sewn directly on the coat.

If you are interested in a commission coat, feel free to contact me for details.

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