Art Therapy Thursdays

Hi Everyone…this is a stressful time and that calls for some artsy de-stressing. On Facebook, Im doing some live videos on Thursdays at 1PM EST using art. Any sort of art. I am going to imbed them here on this blog weekly if you enjoy that sort of thing! Love to all!


By special request, here is a resource link set to the watercolor supplies I use. These are to Cheap Joe Art supply…which aren’t low quality at all and a terrible name for a well respected store IMHO. I also shop in person quite a bit at Blick art supply who also has a great online store, you could comparison shop on your own. FYI, I have zero affiliation or kickback to any store or brand.

I use a travel set of Sakura Koi watercolors most often, there are many sizes to choose from. I like their multiple palette feature, finger ring, and deep pans of color. The BEST watercolors are tube colors so if you plan to get REALLY serious you may want to invest, but for travel and casual use…these guys are my pick: Click here

I like Arches cold press 140lb watercolor paper. This link will take you to an assortment of pads, singles, blocks of watercolor paper in a variety of brands. A bleached white paper has a different crisper pigment than a yellow hand made…it is all personal preference. A “block” means the edges are glued together so the paper won’t wrinkle when you work, but you need a knife to separate them. Click here.

You may also like watercolor cards like these. Click here.

Next is some brushes. Natural hair brushes are lauded as “the best” but the Princeton Neptune line of brushes is synthetic squirrel and honestly…shockingly good and a great value. I use a 1/2″ oval, a size 10 round, a size 6 round almost exclusively for all my tutorials. These are here.

The last brush I use is a tiny tiny liner brush. I have an old brush that isn’t made anymore, but it is only a few hairs. This one looks pretty tiny and I think would work even better than mine, because the longer bristles will hold more paint and have more spring. Here

August 13: Mountain Storm Rainbow
Thursday July 23: Improv horizons
Thursday July 16, 2020: Stormy shores
Thursday June 18: Soft Focus Florals
Thursday, June 11: Going Fishin’
Thursday, June 4: Wishful Thinking
Thursday, May 28: Abstract jellyfish and mystical ocean

Print this whale and use it as described in the video to paint. I hand drew it, and you are welcome to use it for yourself. You may need to fiddle with your print settings to scale it for your personal painting.
Thursday, May 21: Summer Feels
Thursday, May 14: Aspen hillside
Thursday, May 7: Silhouettes at dusk
Thursday, April 30: Light in the Forest (and a unicorn)
Thursday, April 23: Bonsai and Sakura blossoms
Thursday, April 16: Watercolor Tiny Oregon Coasts
Thursday, April 9: Watercolor Lavender and Bees

you’ll want to skip the first 5 minutes of this one as I act like a crazy person who has no idea how to use FB live properly. LOL!!