Aliens Anyone?

I have said it 100x. If you aren’t having fun while being creative, you just aren’t doing it right. Lord…I crack myself up sometimes. I saw an Alien face hugger leather mask yesterday that was to die for…It was amazing. I went to bed thinking just HOW FUNNY it would be to wear it out. But…not quite funny enough to spend $100’s buying or making it. So…I did the next best thing. I wasted about 4 hours today making a totally normal two layer batik Covid friendly facemask. Then adding a quilted tail, hand painting it and just DYING of laughter. I cannot wait to wear it out. I need a secret film crew.

Start with an inside (bloody gills) and outside (brown body) mask piece and a 24″ or so tapered strip of doubled fabric, sewn with a piece of batting for a tail
I flipped the tail right side out and quilted it with a center spine and some V shapes
I created the perfectly normal two layer fabric mask with darted cheeks and adjustable elastic ears and wire nose bridge, then added the tail to the chin
Next, I drew some basic shapes with chalk and then hand painted with fabric paint, so it is completely washable. The time lapse painting is below…
real painting time was about an hour

Im pretty sure I have NEVER had more fun giggling to myself.