How Yarn Couching is like Having Babies

Well, really just the un-fun labor part. Not the making babies part. Which is a drag.

Im so excited to FINALLY make my yarn couching DVD and On-Line class available to everyone! You can order a pre-sale of the DVD here (shipping in about 3 weeks, upon it’s arrival on my doorstep from the manufacturer) ….. although I suppose the insanity of the world right now could slow that if the post office goes offline. 🙁

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Or…if you prefer to get started NOW, and don’t want things like DVDs collecting dust, you can take the online class here….

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But why is it like babies? It isn’t really, but it sure as heck was about pain and suffering, with the weird aftereffects of once it was done, mommy amnesia sets in with just how hard it was to finish. I filmed this class 10 months ago with a professional production company. Generally they were great…the lighting, sound, etc. is so wonderful and not something an amateur can get done at home. But the endless back and forth of editing was a crushingly time consuming process that got held up time and time again by one thing or another.

Then, the final delay was my own doing. I simply decided I wanted a another whole hour of sewing added in. When you hire a pro crew, you buy their time (seems reasonable). Pro crews are not the patron saints of “watch you sew for four days” kind of guys. Filming a class of any kind is the sort of thing you do in snippets and have step-outs for. Or, alternatively, invest a bazillion bucks and buy their time for multiple days. Which just isn’t something that is an option for a private artist.

But, Im a sewist. You are a sewist. You want to see sewing. I want to show sewing. So, in the end, I filmed one project from start to finish, no cuts…because that is how students learn. It is how I teach in real life…by talking about it, then doing it. Most of my students have those little “ah-ha” moments because they see it being done.

The final product though…man….I’m a proud mama. Three hours and 17 minutes of fuzzy yarn fun. Complete with all the dimples and counting of toes that go with all good baby brags. I’m hoping that everyone who takes this class will really feel like I have done a total brain dump so they can do ALL THE THINGS. Do you like my wild coats? I teach that. Upholstry inspiration? Check. Quilts…of course! All the quilts. So many quilts. Yarn couching before quilting, after quilting, fixing the screwed up quilting (lol…Actually I teach you not to screw it up). I just cannot wait to see everyone’s free motion yarn couching projects!

So, I hope you’ll join me…take a class and for goodness sake, turn off the crazy news and enjoy some downtime with me!


My new Tide Pool jacket features appliqué yarn couching with tufting…yep…I teach that.
I teach you how to make creepy lizards. LOL! Not really…although you can. I do however teach you to shade with fiber to create three dimensional shapes, like his little eye, and layer for sparkly color, like his bumpy skin.
This large flower with bee is one of the two class project patterns and one I demonstrate on the longarm during the class
The DVD cover…featuring the Meadow Tweet pattern, on a quilt. This is one of two patterns that is part of the class, and I sew it from start to finish on a domestic sewing machine in class. But you could easily put it on your own jacket too!
Sit back, relax and let me show you all the fuzzy yarn couching things!
SQUEE!!! proud mama moment!