AQS iquilt class

My iquilt class, If You Can Feather, You Can Freehand Is available here, on DVD, or directly though AQS.  This 142 minute class is perfect for those wanting to improve their freehand quilting skills.  I teach a build-as-you-go method of adding one element at a time to convert a simple feather into a whole host of creative designs…like leaves, flowers, ribbons, acorns, holiday lights …and so many thematic elements you will be able to customize any project with ease.

Lessons are broken down into easy to repeat and master segments like:

  • Basic feather technique
  • Gain confidence quilting deep curves, wreaths, setting triangles, and serpentine borders
  • Transition a feather into several styles of leaf shapes
  • Add on elements, like acorns, berries, ribbons and swirls
  • Create freehand flowing flowers
  • Combine elements into complex looking thematic quilting.  Want to quilt a fall quilt? Oak leaves and acorns.  Christmas?  How about pine boughs with lights?  Maybe a simple baby quilt?  A few rattles and ribbons and you have a cuddly winner.
  • Instructions and tips on placement
  • Quilting for maximum efficiency and a timely mid-custom look….so you can give away those quilts made for love, without attaching strings of guilt to them as you might feel when your brand new niece vomits on the heirloom baby quilt you made…..hmmm?

Some of the reviews include:

“I really enjoyed this class. I’ve had a longarm for over 6 years and consider myself an intermediate quilter. This course gave me the confidence to stand in front of the machine and try something new. I use pantographs, but the thought of just standing in front of the machine and free handing an allover design or a freehand block/border design without a stencil was a bit scary. This class gives you the ideas and jumping off point to do just that. This class isn’t about show quilting or paying the instructor to quilt your quilt; it’s about improving your skills to take them to the next level. Highly recommend this class!”…Victoria Grivas

“I truly enjoyed this class. Bethanne covers multiple quilting motifs that can be done freehand and reassures you throughout the class that freehand quilting is not meant to look perfect or computer generated. It is meant for each element of the same motif to have its own originality. I loved how she covered how to fit the different motifs into different areas of a “real” quilt top. (corners, wreaths, borders, sashing and even HSTs) There are so many motifs covered and she explains how easy it is to develop your own motif from any shape you would like. I’m an intermediate at freehand on a domestic machine and she even shows how this can be done on both long arm and domestic machines. Very satisfied!”…Mindy Jacobs

“I take many online classes to learn longarm quilting techniques, and this is one of the best! Bethanne’s approach to freehand quilting is beautiful, yet efficient. I learned so many new tips and can’t wait to try them! Beth Anne is a wonderful teacher, and I was disappointed when the class ended. Hope to see more longarm classes by Bethanne soon! Definitely order this class now!” Linnea Varner

“An excellent class to maximize your skills for professional and hobby longarm quilters, though theses techniques would also work well on a domestic machine. Time is of the essence for paid longarmers and she makes lots of good points along the way, showed efficient ways to complete customer quilts that still look special. Instructions are clear and her teaching style is low-key and pleasant. Well worth the price. She has several books at her website that further elaborate on some of these ideas which would be a good complement to this class”….Robin Kinnley